You are invited to take a special prayer journey. . .
Walk the Loretto Center Labyrinth
located in the northeast section of the grounds, outside the chapel doors.

The labyrinth is a walking prayer journey. We are all on a life journey and the labyrinth is a model of that path. It has many intricate turns and complexities, yet only one way in and one way out. It involves intuition, creativity and imagery. There are no choices on which way to turn or decisions to make or problems to solve. There is only a purposeful spiritual journey for you to make and an understanding for you to achieve.

The labyrinth is a metaphor for the center of your deepest self. When you walk the labyrinth, you begin a sacred journey into self-understanding. Each time you enter the labyrinth, your journey of heart and soul will depend on the inner attitude you have upon entering. You may enter in solitude or as part of a group. You may be serious or playful. You may be prayerful or energetic. How you enter will affect your journey. But no matter how you enter, the journey is about discovery, growth and change. It is about peering into your soul in order to see your life’s journey more clearly. No matter which way life’s experiences twist or turn, by staying on the path, we move closer to our life’s goal.

Loretto Center’s labyrinth is located in the northeast section of the grounds, outside the chapel doors. The design for our labyrinth was modeled after the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral near Paris, France.

The design is intricate yet simple. There is one way in and no wrong path, just as life’s design is simple, yet with many intricate turns. Each of us has a path to follow and a goal to reach. How we get there depends on our sense of self.

General Guidelines for walking a labyrinth:
Focus Clear your mind of all distractions.
Experience Allow yourself to tune in to yourself
and your surroundings.
Exit The way out is different than the way you entered.
It may physically be the same path, but moments
have passed and a change within you has occured.
Reflect Record feelings, thoughts and memories
experienced during your walk.
Walk Often The journey is always different.

Experience the Cosmic Walk

The Cosmic Walk, based on Sr. Miriam Therese MacGillis' story, tells of the evolution of the Universe through a meditative walk in the orchard on the grounds of Loretto Center. The walk includes 9 stations, each revealing part of the Universe story.

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